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Most of us have fond memories of playing with Legos as kids. Building forts and cars, walls and towers that stood just long enough for an older brother or sister to come along and knock it over. There’s a nostalgia about Lego, of a simpler time before video games and the internet. For Rob Gray, AKA Lego Man and the staff at Creative Club there’s nothing nostalgic about Lego, it’s full speed ahead into a world where Lego reigns. Read More…

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July 9th, 2014

There are over 100,000 LEGO® bricks in various colours and shapes, boards to build on, and experienced counsellors to lead the children at the Creative Club LEGO Summer Camp. All LEGO fans, and those who are just getting into LEGO will enjoy this camp. At the camp children get inspired to build structures out of LEGO® based on daily themes and projects with their peers and instructors.

“I like that children can play indoors in a safe environment, and are also taken outside weather permitting to play in the park for free play, as well as to play group games.” Read More…

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June 2nd, 2014

Recently my children and I went to check out the Creative Club Inc. that was started by Rob Gray, also known as The Lego Man. The Creative Club Inc. is an educational company committed to engage, challenge and empower participants through creative play. Rob realized he could make a major impact to children by helping them understand math through LEGO or watch a shy child become social by being part of LEGO building projects and more. His goal was to make learning come alive. Read More…

Registration for this program is temporarily closed. Stay tuned for updates!