FAQs – Birthday Parties

1. How long are the birthday parties?
Each party is up to one hour.

2. Where are you located?
We do not currently have a location. Our Creative Leader comes to your home or party venue you have selected with all the LEGO® supplies for the party including a LEGO® prize for one of the kids, and a LEGO® gift from us for the birthday boy/girl.

3. What is your cancellation policy?
There is a 100% refund up to 30 days prior to the party minus a $30 administrative fee. If you need to change the date within 14 days of the event, there is a $30 fee.

4. What does the host of the party need to supply for the leader?
Our leaders like working at tables with the children because it is a more conducive space for spreading out the LEGO® and building on the boards. However, if tables are not available, then we can work on the floor. It is important to build on a flat surface. We leave the choice up to the parents.

5. If we are out of the Toronto region, can we still book a party with you?
Yes you can as our staff travels to you. Depending on where you live, there may be a travel fee. In your initial email or phone call to inquire about a party, please state the area and region that you live in so we can provide you with the travel fee.

6. What if more kids than I initially paid for show up on the day of the party?
We ask that you have a final number approximately 5 days before the party date, however we do understand if there are an additional child or two that show up. In this case the extra children can be paid for at the end of the party directly to the leader or by Paypal.

7. Do the kids get to keep what they built?
We have one package where the kids can take home their creations – a Make and Take Party. You can also choose an add-on to any package of first initials of the kids made of LEGO®.

8. When during the party should we have the LEGO® activity?
It is recommended that we start the LEGO portion of the party at least 15 minutes after you told the guests to arrive. That way if some people are late, they don’t miss anything. For a 2 hour party, we deliver one 1 hour LEGO® activity, leaving 45 minutes for cake and celebrations.

9. Can we pay by credit card over the phone?
We do not accept any form of payment over the phone. We accept all forms of payments online through Paypal and via email for Interac Transfers.

10. Are we required to supervise the children during the activity?
Supervision is only required for birthday parties for children 4 and under. If the party is held at a third party location, all children must remain within the party facility with at least one parent on location. We invite parents to watch the program if they would like and be there for the final presentation by the kids (for some packages) at the end of the activity.

Please contact our office with any questions. We are committed to providing a fun and exciting experience for your party that will help the children develop skills in imagination, creativity, curiosity and problem solving.

Thank you. We look forward to creative play!

Creative Club

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