Camps FAQs

1. What are the camp hours?
Camp runs Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

2. Do you have before and aftercare?
Yes, before care starts at 8:00 a.m. and aftercare runs until 6:00 p.m.

3. Do the kids go outside at camp?
Campers go outside twice per day (weather permitting) – Once in the morning and again in the afternoon. This is summer camp so we want the kids to enjoy the outdoors as much as the structure building inside.

4. Are there two camps now?
Build & Design with LEGO® bricks and Robotics? Yes. We have a Robotics Camp for kids 9+ and another Robotics Program for 6-8, expanding on the curriculum we use to teach students in our school programs. Parents can register for either or both of our Creative Club Camp streams. We recommend both camps for kids age 6-8 so they have the best of both building opportunities. Campers can book one or more weeks of Build & Design with LEGO® bricks and one or more weeks of Robotics.

5. Tell me more about the Robotics Camp for kids 9+?
Students are guided through the process of building and programming a robot while completing a series of fun and engaging challenges. Once ready, campers are given the opportunity to design, build and program their own robot in groups, while applying their new knowledge to solve complex problems and challenge others in the EV3 Arena.

Level 2 Campers will be challenged by creating a robot capable of performing the tasks presented by past First LEGO® League competitions. Students work together to create a replica of the competition arena and challenge.

6. Is the Build & Design with LEGO® bricks area the same as the Robotics program?
The Junior/Senior/Advanced Robotics programs are in the same location as the Build & Design with LEGO® Bricks camp in three of our camp locations – Toronto West Richmond Hill and North York. Once per week, the Robotics instructors and campers will be visiting the Designers Group at the Build & Design with LEGO® bricks Camp for an afternoon session with the LEGO® Mindstorm EV-3 Robots.

7. What does a typical day at camp look like for the Build & Design with LEGO® bricks Groups?
9:00 – Campers arrive. Kids are building on tables outside. Camp Announcements.
9:20 – Campers go with their groups to plan out the day’s projects
9:30 – Brainstorming session on theme, planning and designing structure, and building
10:15 – Morning Snack
10:30 – Project building – Assessment of progress – tips and assistance from leaders
11:30 – Outdoor Play. Organized activities and Free Play (weather permitting)
12:00 – Lunch
12:30 – Project Building – Assessment of progress – Brainstorming new ideas – Setting new goals for project completion. Depending on the age of the group, the leader may break up this time with creative LEGO®-themed activities
1:45 – Afternoon Snack
2:00 – Tour of other classrooms to view projects and gain fresh building ideas to finish projects – Back to building
2:45 – Project completion – Presentation to the rest of the group – Cleanup of loose bricks, free play with projects – Announcements
3:00 – Celebration of Achievements for the day
3:15 – Outdoor Play and prepare for parent pick up to leave by 4:00 p.m.

8. Do the Campers bring their own lunch?
Campers bring their own lunch and preferred snacks. Please no nuts or fish products.

9. Do the kids build different projects each day/week?
Yes, projects change each day to create a variety for the campers. Projects vary from week to week so that campers enrolled for multiple weeks have a large variety of themes. We try our best to not repeat any daily projects, unless requested.

10. How are the kids grouped for building?
We group the campers by age. There is flexibility in some groups so campers can be with a sibling if they choose. We encourage campers to interact and build friendships with their peers.
Explorers – ages 4 – 6
Builders – ages 6/7 – 8
Designers – ages 9+

11. Are your counsellors First Aid and CPR trained?
Yes. Our staff is fully trained.

Please contact our office with any questions. We are committed to providing a fun and exciting experience for everyone that will help the children develop skills in imagination, creativity, curiosity and problem solving.

Thank you. We look forward to creative play!

Creative Club

Registration for this program is temporarily closed. Stay tuned for updates!