At Creative Club, our facilitators have provided teams with the motivation to come together for over 20 years.  We use a variety of experiential activities to challenge individuals, helping them form stronger bonds within their organizations. 

We help to inspire your group including LEGO®, Everblocks. Robotics, and other materials.  The use of multi-coloured bricks and blocks in a building project helps to break down the barriers within individuals and teams, opening up tremendous imagination and creativity for amazing results. 

Your staff will develop skills in problem solving, planning, time management, communication, and teamwork 

  1. Creative Bricks & Blocks

    This imaginative program brings out the best in your staff by encouraging cooperation to reach a common goal. They work in teams to create specific projects, such as a dream office for your company or the Olympic sports facilities and athletes’ village —using LEGO® elements and EverBlocks® (giant blocks)

  2. Robotics Challenge

    Imagine your team designing and operating a Mindstorm EV3 Robot within 60-90 minutes! Teams receive instructions, timelines, and the opportunity to purchase parts and accessories to complete their robot and compete against each other in the ‘The Robotic Challenge’ in the “EV-3 Arena.”  Strategy and Teamwork are key elements to this activity.  (No previous robotics knowledge required)

  3. Speed Networking

    Help your team get to know each other better with this exhilarating, fast-paced activity. During Speed Networking, individuals rotate from chair-to-chair to learn more about each other within 1-2 minutes. (“What is your favourite movie? Hobbies? Dream vacation?”) By breaking down perceived walls between departments and multiple locations, colleagues discover similar interests, and build a more communicative, productive team

  4. The Olympic Challenge

    Stronger… Higher… Faster… These Olympic values are passed on from athlete to athlete in every Olympic Games. We invite your group to participate in Olympics activities that will challenge their abilities and bring a greater sense of team camaraderie.  Torch lighting and the parade of athletes optional.

  5. Board Games Night

    This is not your ordinary Board Games event…You are building, interacting, and competing with games created with LEGO® and EverBlocks®.  Try Giant Checkers, and so much more…

  6. Live Band Karaoke

    Your Group + Song Sheets + Props + A LIVE Band for Karaoke = One Amazing Event!

Registration for this program is temporarily closed. Stay tuned for updates!