Creative Club FAQ


Q. How do I know that my child will be safe?
A. We follow the Ontario health guidelines as do the locations we run our programs at including masks in-class, hand sanitization before and after classes, and a 15-minute cleaning between each session. The safety or your kids and our instructors is our utmost priority
Q. What protocols do you follow?
A. For LIVE in-person programs:
  • A fresh LEGO® set and boards are used for each class
  • We clean and disinfect robotics sets and laptops after use–15 mins between classes
  • Incoming and outgoing students times are staggered
  • Encourage on-time arrival and departure to minimize interaction
Q. Can I use my school program credit towards both online and LIVE in-person programs?
A. Yes, please contact us to apply your program credit.
Q. What is different about the after school programs compared to the lunchtime classes?
A. We have a full hour of learning as there is no eating during the class. We are expanding on the classes we delivered in schools with smaller classes, more instruction, and tips, plus more levels for kids to achieve
Q. Please tell me more about the different levels
A. We want your kids to learn more and progress to higher levels of knowledge and achievement in LEGO®, Coding, and Robotics. Students progress through the different levels
Q. What level should I sign up my child for?
A. We recommend starting with a Level 1 unless your child has extensive experience. Our instructors can assess your child’s level in class and they can progress at their own pace
Q. Which programs are NEW?
A. Two program so far. 1. Coding with Scratch. 2. Web Design. More exciting programs will be added online and LIVE for kids this year
Q. How do I register? What are the prices? Do I book 1 class or more?
A. You can book by emailing us You can purchase a package of 4 classes or 8 classes. We will send you a registration form. You can pay by PayPal or Interac Transfer. Pricing is as follows:
  • LEGO® Build/Design-$99–4 classes or $180–8 classes
  • Coding or Web Design-$120–4 classes or $224–8 classes
  • Robotics-$140-4 classes or $260–8 classes Please add HST to all prices above
Q. I don’t know if we have enough LEGO® bricks at home for the online LEGO® Build & Design program. Which LEGO®Boards do I need? What do I do
A. Let us know the brick supply and boards you have. We can recommend the specific location and description of box sets of basic bricks and boards for the class and for your family to use for many years. Basic bricks are preferable to assort spare pieces from themed LEGO® sets–ie. Star Wars, Minecraft, LEGO® Friends, etc… For boards, we recommend the large grey boards for building in the program
Q. For online programs, how do I get the robotics sets
A. We highly recommend purchasing the Robotics kits yourself and then using them with your home laptop so the learning can continue for your kids after the classes. If you require a robotics set, we can provide them to you for a fee.
Q. I don’t have a Windows or Mac. What else can I use?
A. In all cases, we recommend using a Mac or Windows computer. This allows for universal compatibility and remote assistance if needed by the instructor. If this is not possible, other platforms include: Android Tablet, iPad(IOS), Chromebook (Chrome OS), Linux
Q. Will my kids enjoy the programs and learn valuable skills?
A. Absolutely
Please let us know if you have any additional questions. We are happy to answer them
We look forward to seeing your kids online or LIVE in-person.
Creative Club Team