Everblocks® – New to Canada!

New from Creative Club. We are proud to bring EverBlocks® to Canada…


EverBlocks® are Life-Sized modular building blocks that allow you to build nearly anything. It is a modular system of large-scale blocks that snap together to form structures and life-sized furniture. 

Separate your event, company, or promotion from the rest with EverBlocks®

How you can use EverBlocks®?

  • Installations – Malls, Large Events & Festivals
    • Structures delivered – set up and teardown
    • Indoor or Outdoor
    • Amazing giant block structures for crowd viewing
  • Imagination Stations
    • Celebrate your event with interactive stations
    • Tens of thousands of LEGO® Bricks and hundreds of Everblocks®
    • Staff provided for kids and adults to INSPIRE – IMAGINE – CREATE
  • Private Event Rent/Purchase
    • Guest Lounge or Bar made of EverBlocks®
    • Divider Walls, Partitions, Stages and Podiums
    • Special chairs designed for Guests of Honour (ie. bride and groom)
  • Birthday Parties
    • Kids parties with Building and Design using LEGO® bricks and EverBlocks®
    • Adult-only event packages available
  • Home or Office
    • Purchase or Rent Divider Walls with doors, shelving units
    • Home Renovation – in-house and backyard ideas
    • Clubhouse and Play Area for the Kids
  • Starter Pack
    • Try our EverBlocks® Starter Pack for purchase
    • Let your imagination soar with Giant Blocks!

Everblocks® Gallery

Registration for this program is temporarily closed. Stay tuned for updates!