Build and Design with LEGO® Bricks – Lunch or After School

This in-school lunchtime or after school program builds teamwork, critical thinking and creative skills among students in Grade 1-6. Children work together in small groups to design and build structures reflecting a different project each week (e.g. animal habitats, communities, medieval castles, etc.) Beyond creative play, this program develops students’ problem solving, presentation and fine motor skills. Our friendly, experienced Creative Leaders provide guidance and structure to help all students gain a sense of progress, accomplishment and confidence as they learn.
Our Programs

Students from JK to Grade 2 learn the basics of building and exploring the vast possibilities that exist with LEGO® creations.


Students in Grades 3 and 4 challenge themselves with more complex planning and detail in their LEGO® structures.

Designers & Architects

Students in Grades 5 and 6 discuss and design their project, follow a plan and produce inspiring structures with detail and accuracy.