About Us

What is Creative Club?

Creative Club is an educational organization committed to making learning come alive for students in elementary and middle schools through exciting programs, parties and camps focused on LEGO® bricks and robotics. We develop and deliver engaging and interactive programs to teach students STEM and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Arts and Math) principles, primarily through the use of LEGO® bricks, robotics and EverBlocks®.

In-School Services

Creative Club works with over 150 schools, including those in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and Niagara Region.

Each week we provide exciting extra-curricular programs for students to enjoy at lunchtime, in class and after school. Our in-class STEM workshops align with the Ontario school curriculum with such subjects as ancient civilizations, space, structures, math, and technology.

To further enhance educational learning opportunities for students, your school can choose from our other programs, including:
  • Family Math Night: To help families learn and build together, we offer the gifts of quality time, unity and laughter. Foster a lifetime love of learning and build deeper connections while actively engaging in your child’s education.
  • Imagination Wall: We can install an Imagination Wall made from LEGO® boards in your school library
Family Fun

We believe that learning can be purposeful and engaging both at school and at home. We encourage families to take an active role by participating in their children’s education. Learn more about our programs, such as Family Math Night and ask us how we can help engage your family in the learning process.

Mission Statement

At Creative Club we want to help make learning fun, interactive and hands-on, so everyone gets a chance to grow. We believe kids learn best when they can develop their skills through interactive and play-based creative building. We focus on developing and providing educational programs where students engage individually and in teams on design and programming activities using LEGO® bricks and robotics.

We are committed to the education and skill development of children and adults through interactive, play-based and creative programs. Our workshops foster team development and empower individuals using LEGO® bricks, robotics, and other materials to bring out the best in personal achievement.

Our Core Principles
  • Teachability: Anyone can learn through engaging, creative programs and activities no matter their skill level.
  • Unity: Parents, children and families can learn and interact together to strengthen their connections to each other and to the community.
  • Excellence: We encourage every person, regardless of age or ability, to become the best version of themselves.


We help students tap into their imagination and creative skills to expand their knowledge and understanding. We use comprehensive materials and curriculum based programming to enhance students’ education as they learn to apply ideas spanning diverse topics, ranging from gravity to geography, from weather to space exploration.


Students brainstorm and develop concepts while learning how to conceptualize themes and curriculum using manipulatives. We encourage students to explore their imagination to discover what is possible, improbable, and downright difficult to conceptualize. They unleash their creativity as their innovative thinking forms the new environment for creative play and learning.


Once participants plan their designs and concepts, it is time to create. Working in a group, participants experience the hands-on, interactive approach of model building, from concept to completion. We design and develop all our comprehensive building projects with the individual and group’s learning level in mind to ensure an enjoyable and energizing creative experience.