Client Testimonials

Diana K.
Camp Parent

“To find a camp or program that the kids like is one thing. But to find one that both kids LOVE is amazing! My son has never been happier than when attending Lego camp. He was part of a team and that, for the most part, is difficult for him. To see him with kids that he just met, working as a unit was remarkable. I think the break down of daily activities is great, as are the wonderful instructors, Melissa and Gwen.”

A.M. Verre
Principal – St. Raymond Catholic School

“Thank you very much Creative Club Inc. Lego Math Night was a huge success with our school community. Students, parents and staff enjoyed learning about geometry, patterning and measurement while having fun at the same time. Tiffany and Kim were exceptional facilitators. We’d love to have you back.”

Gary Swain
Principal – St. Conrad Catholic School

“The LEGO Building Program is not only exciting but it also challenges our children to learn how to be team players; creative; responsible and collaborative.”
“I would highly recommend this program and any others provided by Creative Club Inc for any school community wishing to provide excellent extra-curricular programs”.