Our People

Meet Our Team

  • Rob Gray
    Chief Creative Director

    Background: I have worked for over 25 years as a teacher, entertainer, speaker, corporate trainer and team building specialist.

    Why I love my job: I love to work with kids and adults inspiring their creativity and imagination. I enjoy seeing individuals go beyond their own expectations and celebrate in their achievements.

    Fun fact: I had the opportunity to meet Terry Fox in Ottawa on his run across Canada

  • Kevin Gelfand
    VP Operations

    Background: I have 20 years of senior management with a total of 30 yrs of experience in customer/client relations that I bring to Creative Club.

    Why I love my job: I love interacting with kids from all different kinds of backgrounds. I love that kids teach me new things each and every day.

    Fun fact: My favourite Lego party is the Make & Take; I enjoy helping the kids through the directions to create a wonderful build. In my spare time I enjoy playing with my two kids, cleaning/doing windows and playing baseball & hockey.

  • Ivan Lui
    Management Advisor and Robotics Team Program Leader

    Background: Management consultant and entrepreneur with a focus in the education and food industries. I enjoy working with small businesses looking to grow and make a difference.

    Why I love my job: I love seeing the kids’ expressions when they succeed at programming the robots and getting the things they build to move.

    Fun fact: I am a foodie and in the summer I visit as many cultural festivals and markets as I can… I love Toronto and all the cultures that make it vibrant!

  • Bettina Kelly
    Regional Manager

    Background: I was born creative! My parents put me in acting lessons when I was four and I’ve never looked back since. I started working in the entertainment industry in film as an extra and more times than not was found behind the scenes discussing shots with the director than in front of the camera. Three years of a broadcasting degree gave me a solid background in productions skills which lead me to start producing live events for everything from concerts to Canada Day at Queen’s Park to corporate shows, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

    Why I love my job: I firmly believe that the greatest gift you can give a human being is the gift of a happy memory. At Creative Club I work with my team in creating happy memories that will last lifetime whether it be building Lego spaceships with kids, leading a team building corporate event or watching parents and children build 15 ft high EverBlocks castles to the sky.

    Fun fact: I’m a secret Whovian who’s dream job is to be the Doctor’s companion and fly the TARDIS.

  • Molly Robertson
    York Region Sales

    Background: I enjoy skiing with my family in the winter with my kids and going to the cottage in the summers.

    Why I love my job: I love interacting with kids from different backgrounds. I love that kids teach me new things each and every day.

    Fun fact: I grew up in the States and moved to Ontario 14 years ago after I married my husband, a Canadian. I still frequently travel to the U.S. to visit family often.

  • Angela McCabe
    Robotics and LEGO® Senior Leader, STEM Writer

    Background: I have a B.Ed and have worked with kids teaching arts, yearbook design, outdoor skills, baking, reading, social studies, building and design with LEGO® bricks, and robotics.

    Why I love my job: As with teaching in general, I love the “lightbulb moment” when a child connects the concepts with their actions: this is what “learning” *is*!

    Fun fact: I am an avid Star Trek and Doctor Who watcher, and reader of dystopian fiction with A Handmaid’s Tale, 1984, and A Clockwork Orange being favourites.